Gössenheim (about 7 km)

You will find one of the largest castle ruins in Germany “just around the corner” – the Homburg ob der Wern. Visible from afar, it towers over Gössenheim and the Werntal. Enjoy an indescribable view from the vantage point or look over the thick stone walls down into the valley.

The castle ruin is still so well preserved, that the basement, rooms and division of the stables in the outer bailey by the wall remains are visible.

The castle was built by the Hohenbergern, a Frankish knightly race.

The environment of the castle was designated a nature reserve and is home to very rare animals and plants. On designated trails you can explore nature here.

Right next door, you can stop off at “Schoppenfranz” for a meal or a glass of wine – a popular excursion destination for hikers and mountain bikers.

Do you fancy a slightly different tour through the old walls? We have the builder of the castle, Knight Dietrich and his wife, rise from the dead for you.

In an entertaining and funny way, the two lead you through their castle, bringing the Middle Ages to life. You dive into the lifeworld of times past and learn a lot of interesting things without raising your finger or listening to a school lecture. In between, the monk “Eloquentius” comes across you, or you listen to the minstel, who still languishes after his damsel Kunigunde.  


How did they live in such a castle? During this tour, the walls are filled with life and you will not see any more bare stones and dark cellars, but the places where “Drinking” and “Music” took place! Ask us for the details.

In Gössenheim, the Weinschänke Hack is famous for its wine festival with wines that grow on the slopes of the Setzberg below the Homburg.