Wertheim is just after the border to Baden-Württemberg, and the suburb of Kreuzwertheim is still in Lower Franconia. The old capital of the former county Wertheim is definitely worth a visit. Here, where Main and Tauber flow together and the old castle ruins is perched high above the city, history comes alive.

The County Museum depicts the history of the old county. In the collegiate church, the old tombs of the Counts are erected and tell of the former importance of the county, which reached to the famous monastery Bronnbach and introduced the Reformation very early on.

If you walk through the picturesque old town, the beautiful Engelsbrunnen and the old double chapel, the Kilianskapelle stand in the eye. Baroque town houses and small half-timbered houses of craftsmen can be found in the small streets of the old town, for example Mühlenstraße or Maingasse. At the Baunachshof, the many stonemasons testify to the lively construction activity in the Middle Ages. Wertheim was fortunate enough not to be destroyed during World War II. So even the town hall is housed in one of Wertheim’s historic sights, the old court yard. The picturesque Malerwinkel am Neuplatz is a successful motif for every amateur photographer. Also famous is the view of the Kittsteintor on the Tauber with the flood marks at the baroque garden shed. In addition, the Main Gate and the Customs Gate are the best preserved city gates of the former 18th century.

In the Spessart valleys around Wertheim there were many glassworks, so it was obvious to set up a glass museum in Wertheim. In the interesting exhibition, you not only learn a lot about the glassmaking trade, you can marvel at the old glasses and Christmas tree decorations and watch a real glassblower at work and even help them! Children especially are very proud if they are allowed to take their self-made artwork home with them. The eyes and the whole face shine!

Also original is the Tauberhafen, the marina in the middle of the old town.

Nearby, the Wertheim Village shopping outlet mall invites you to a bargain. A shuttle bus connects the center with the old town. Here you will find good branded products at reasonable prices!