Veitshöchheim (ca. 24 km)

First, of course, in the Veitshöchheim stands the rococo garden, the courtyard garden of the former prince-bishop’s Summer residence. Enjoy a stroll between hedges, water features and Fountains, putten and other stone figures, created by Rococo sculptor Ferdinand Tietz, and marvel at the different Views that open up to you in all new directions. The park is open daily from 7 am until dusk.


The Lock, that of foreman Heinrich Zimmer built by Balthasar Neumann can be extended from April to mid October with visits daily from 9 to 18.00 . It is closed on Mondays. The new Garden exhibition gives an insight into the European horticultural art of the 18th century. In the prince-bishops courtyard garden there are beds with kitchen herbs and other garden fruits as well as old species since Records have been created.

You should definitely take a walk through the beautiful old town. All attractions are described on the map.

Are you interested in Jewish history? In Veitshöchheim there are the former synagogue and a Jewish residence in a cultural museum have been rebuilt and show the history of the Lower Franconian country Jews from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.

Our tip: If you want to take a boat trip on the Main, start in Veitshöchheim. Here you can charge your car at the Mainlände park. The steamer commutes in the summer hourly between Würzburg and Veitshöchheim.

As a stopover we can offer you the Wirtshaus Spundloch in the Highly recommended Thüngersheimer Straße or how about a cup of Coffee right on the banks of the Main?

Further information can be found in the Tourismusverein nordliches
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