There are three noteworthy nature reserves in the immediate vicinity of Eußenheim: the Ammerfeld in Aschfeld, the Grainberg-Kalbenstein nature reserve between Karlstadt and Gambach, and the nature reserve “Homburg Ruin” in Gössenheim.





The Ammerfeld is characterized by its steppe heath forest and the Magerrasen. The dry slopes are a unique home for a diverse plant and insect world. In early spring, there are thousands of Adonis roses and in the adjacent “Ölgrund”, which connects the Ammerfeld with the nature reserve ” Homburg Ruin ” whole carpets with narcissus! A feast for the eyes!


” Homburg Ruin “

Known as Germany’s second largest castle ruin, it towers over the Werntal and the village of Gössenheim and is visible for miles. But what is still unknown is the nature reserve, which is located around the castle. There are extremely rare species of insects in the low-lying and dry grasslands, the steppe heather forests and the middle and low forests. In the spring, there are countless pasque flowers.


Grainberg calf Stein

Characteristic of the “calving stone” are the layers of new red sandstone and shell-limestone. Here a unique flora and fauna has settled. From May to mid-July you can admire orchids in the wild! From the only Franconian “edelweiss” you have a wonderful view over Karlstadt and the Maintal.