In 811 Eußenheim, located on the edge of the Spessart, is mentioned for the first time as Luzenheim. It goes without saying that there are also some sights to explore in our wine village. On the occasion of the 1200th anniversary a flyer was published: “Historical Tour of Eußenheim”. Eußenheim is a wine village. The slopes of the “Eußenheimer First” are covered with white and red grape varieties. In the old vaulted cellars (wine cellars) of the prince-bishops store today the new wines of the two Eußenheim Winzerhöfe wineries Höfling and Weingut Keller are presented. Other winegrowers have joined forces to form the wine cooperative Stetten. Walk through the vineyards on the wine and health trail “Zum Wohl” (board). Or you would like to go a little further? The Frühmesserweg is newly developed, which leads to an extension of the vineyards on well-developed hiking trails through forests and meadows.

Wine lovers feel well at the wine festivals or spring white weekends of winegrowers, and in a wine filled mood tourists and locals easily get into conversation. We are happy to organize a wine tasting or a tour through the vineyards under expert guidance.

If you come from Karlstadt, you greet from afar the church of St. Marcellinus and Peter, perched high above the village (Kirche1). In the valley next to Wern stands the small Baroque St. Vitus Chapel.

Eußenheim is the main municipality, and incorporated are the districts along the Aschbach Aschfeld, Münster, Bühler Hundsbach, Obersfeld and Schönarts, located on the Wern.



The flagship of the community Eußenheim is located in the district Aschfeld, about 4 km from Eußenheim. The 1200-year anniversary of Aschfeld was taken as an opportunity to turn the fortified church, which was used there as a storage cellar and storage, into a museum of local history. In recent years, all the Gaden have been lovingly restored and equipped with objects and documents. So you can For example, visit a mom and pop shop, KiBu store, a tavern, and a grandmother’s kitchen, to name but a few possibilities. We are happy to arrange a guided tour of the fortified church.  

Eussenheim is centrally located in the Franconian wine country: In Lower Franconia, in the district of Main-Spessart, it is only 25 kilometers to the district capital of Würzburg, to the nearby district capital Karlstadt am Main only 4 kilometers. Eußenheim is not overcrowded or touristy, but scores with its intact nature (nature Eußenheim1): and well-developed hiking and biking trails invite you, these natural wonders like the “Thick Oak” (thick oak) a 300 year old tree or the “Edelweiss “To look at a lookout high above the Main. Various rare plants, such as Diptam, Orchid or Adonis, and species such as butterflies and insects delight our scientists on the dry grassland in the area.

If you want to do something good for your health, then visit the nearby salt cave