Karlstadt (about 6 km)

Karlstadt am Main, the county seat of the district of Main-Spessart in the Franconian wine country in Lower Franconia, is picturesquely situated on the Main and bears witness to a long, eventful history, which is reflected in the many historic buildings. The city wall with the towers is almost completely preserved.  

Planned on the drawing board, the city was built around 1200 by the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg in regular neighborhoods with straight streets, a structure that is still respected today. 

Many historically protected half-timbered houses have been lovingly restored and are reminiscent of the artisans, farmers and wine merchants who used to live here.

From the castle ruin “Karlsburg” one has a fabulous view of the city and the slowly flowing Main.

Drive on the Maintal cycle path, which passes by here, you must necessarily go in the old part of town. In the Stadtgeschichte Museum, you will find a famous wine growing town, a viticulture department and the development of the city. In addition, the Plumbing and Coppersmith Museum is particularly interested in the craftsmen.

The prehistory and early history of Mainfranken is dedicated to a new museum in Karlburg, on the other side of the Main.


On time at 12 o’clock the city’s landmark, the “Schwedenmännle”, plays the song ” Vom Barette schwankt die Feder ” from the historic town hall. According to legend, after the invasions of Sweden in the Thirty Years War, a soldier remained behind, because he had fallen madly in love with a Karlstadter bourgeoisie. Now he plays his song every lunchtime.

The city center invites you with its sights and numerous shops to stroll and in the many restaurants in the city you will also find “Wenns Baucherl prints”. Franconian and international foods are on the menus.

For climbing enthusiasts, the via ferrata on Kalbenstein offers challenges far away from the Alps, and once you reach the top you can enjoy the wide view over the Main valley from the viewpoint “Edelweiss”. Leading from Eußenheim there is a well-developed hiking trail, for which you will receive directions.

Sailing pilots can land at the glider airfield on the Saupurzel!

The city of Karlstadt (not to be confused with the Swedish city Karlstad in the province of Värmland) offers from May to October every Saturday at 11:55 clock an open city tour for everyone.

In addition to city and theme tours, there are also costume and adventure tours for groups. We are happy to help you with the booking.